We support health start-ups.

Failure of new businesses in BioTech due to the inability to see the projected return on investment can be estimated at about 70 percent of failures.

But if failure is defined as fixing an objective falling short of meeting it, then the failure rate is a whopping 90 to 95 percent

Potential market overestimates, excessive expectations, weak organizational skills, inadequate financial partners, only pending in exit rate and not giving real support to project development, …these and many other risks threaten innovative medical technology projects during development.

hitt gives realistic, timely and independent advice for start-ups to target their strategic decisions with all necessary information, in each of three crucial pillars: science, organization and finance.

We open new paths to success for health start-ups, including:

  • design and implement roadmap
  • validate research proposals
  • validate expected outcomes
  • assess business value
  • refine value proposition
  • early stage investing strategy
  • design and implement clinical trials
We design business strategies.
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