We develop content for the successful reimbursement and prescription of drugs and devices.


We facilitate strategic development decisions in market access, in ways such as:

  • analysing possible pricing scenarios
  • proposing pricing and price negotiation strategies
  • recommending value dossier content, and incorporating an HTA perspective
  • probing intangible value
  • economic evaluation
  • Validating expectations on Return on Investment: informing about potential risks and mitigating threats
  • Developing phase projects:
    • Definition of most relevant outcomes
    • Research & economic evaluation trials
    • Facilitating appropriate development of PoC and Research Trials: Sites, KOL.

We support health start-ups

Early stage

Apps in Africa? Yes, but…

Sometimes, when we think about a new app or technology that will be useful for improving health in African people, we don’t consider the applicability that this app will have.

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